Human Mind And A Nature’s Mechanism Of Perceptions




I believe that our artistic and aesthetic abilities are given to us for a much greater reason than to simply create art.

Whether it is a mind of a commoner or a scientist, or a mathematician or an artist, it is crucial to comprehend that it cannot perceive anything at all without its quite ephemeral “network” of  mind’s instantly changing sensations.

All our sensations produced through our interactions within our ever-changing environments are the very primary matter for our perceptions of our realities.  Environments, objective events and “things”  are impossible to see or sense as they are,  because we live in the world of unstoppable colossal transformations that are  entirely interconnected. This is a condition of Flux as  Heraclitus has named it, which immensely affects us, changing us entirely in less than an instant, far beyond our comprehension.

The observable to us theater of what we recognize as our consciousness is built internally, within each of  our human mind. Whether poor and wretched, or harmonious or magnificent, we may observe only our own  “productions” of our minds more or less effected by invisible to us changes of the world depending on our intuition and abilities of perceiving.

The fascinating process of our perceiving is  governed by the fundamental laws of nature. These laws are ignored in all aspects of our life, depriving  our knowledge of its basic foundation.

It is absolutely crucial to at least, somehow, admit that we must have some inborn Abilities and Limitations in order to sense something before  we may observe, memorize, imagine or think.

As we routinely mistake appearances that we may observe on stages of superficial consciousness for the “real objective world” and its “events”, we naively trust that  we can  know the world by  measuring, describing, labeling and categorizing appearances and their transformations that belong to stages of consciousness.  In sciences and math we traditionally “prove” the visible to our human eye  “things” or “events”  by comparing initial apperances and discriptions of them to  more recorded  images and apperances as photos, blueprints, graphics, calculations. For instance, all our observations, shall tell us more about the fundamental law of nature , that is about instant and absolutely Unique  metamorphosis of everything that exists, than about “things as they are”.  Our natural ability to compare allows us to sense differences, slight or drastic,  but without Coparison we would not be able to sense, see, hear, smell etc What seems to us “the same” or “identical”, for instance numbers or units in math, in spite of our illusions,  must be different in order to be perceived  by us. Otherwise abslolutely identical 1 and 1 an 1  would not be perceivable as many, but as the same 1. The crudness of our human perceptions plays a colossal role in building our theatrical mentality of what we call “consciousness”.

Whether in sciences or in mundane life, we prefer to stay unaware of the disturbing  fact  that we almost entirely depend on our corporeal sensory perception of sight, that ironically  has been proven to be the most ephemeral and deceiving of all perceptions we possess. (Maurice-Merleau-Ponty)

THE BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO THE NATURE’S MECHANISM OF PERCEPTIONS empowered  by unavoidable conditions of the ever-changing world.

The nature of our mind  is greatly interactive. The Nature’s Mechanism of Perceptions manifests our instinctive, inborn abilities, allowing us to sense our ever-changing realities. The conditions that are a must in our existence are  Change, Limitations and Protective Boundaries. The internal life of mind  is driven by the most vital process of life we may ever experience,  Comparison, Selection, Composition, Focus and Framing.

In a minute or two this might convince us that our instinctive, deeply inborn abilities of perceiving are fundamentally, naturally artistic, however, not exactly for the purpose of creating fine arts, but for the sake of life and its continuity.

Explanations for our Abilities and Limitations in sensing and perceiving, allowing us to evaluate our actual experience.

Perceptions are impossible without Flux and Limitations.  No life, or anything that we describe as animate or inanimate, is ever possible without LIMITATIONS.

Our conventional education does not  mention the most fundamental condition of life in spite of  since our very early childhood we instinctively sense our Limitations within and without ourselves. Whether we notice  or not  our very minds and bodies travel from one instant to  a new instant  along with our realities, without getting destroyed by unthinkable powers of Flux. We are about to find explanations to why we can miraculously go through endless transformations without falling apart.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man” as Heraclitus desribed the entire existence of world, driven by its endless powers of Flux. Therefore, the world has no time for our imaginative time,  and no space for our imaginative space, because the world is instantly new and entirely different.

Why do  we “need” Limitations?  We have to recognize many vital functions of Limitations, besides creating depressing obstacles.  Limitations are not just unpredictable and limit “things” and events, distract our projects and activities, as we commonly think. This would be too very silly for a magnificent composition of Nature to just limit whatever it can.

I suggest to contemplate Limitations as our Protective Boundaries.

Having no Limitations as Protective Boundaries we  will melt down into unthinkable powers of the world  just like Lumps of Sugar in a very Hot Cup of Tea.  We would sense nothing. Our specific human Limitations save our existence as individual unique creatures and characters as they continuously work as ephemeral sculptor’s chisels carving out and  shaping up our minds and bodies.

Limitations as Protective Boundaries are crucial within all events, conditions, every organism. Limitations are possible only if interacting with Flux. Heraclitus deeply comprehended the phenomenon of our existence and the nature of the world as endless interactions and effects of the interconnected  Opposites. The Nature of Flux or change is rooted in “The Unity of Opposites.” Heraclitus (ca. 535–475 BC)

There is no “smooth” continuity, as some of us may already know. Flux creates the new world in less than an instant where is nothing can be truly balanced, repeatable, identical, equal, copied, travel back and forth unchanged, become complete, exact, or perceived as it is. The perfect balance even the most insignificant, would destroy the continuity of  nature of Flux.

No unmoved, unchanged events, “things”,  scenarious and apperances, no perfect unchanged  photos and records  are possible in our reality, memories or observations, as we have to perceive them trhough our unstobably fluctuating sensory perceptions. Neither photos nor records of any sorts, or our perceptions themselves can be fixed,  as the world of Flux more or less but  entirely changes through interactions. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle is the pioneering teaching that we eventually have to recognize as the first step towards the development of the authentic foundation of knowledge  based upon thoughts and observations of Heraclitus and Protogoras. Werner Heisenberg, a German physicist, is revealing that our observations have an effect on the behavior of quanta. Moreover, as a deeply profound philosopher he means that no events we may observe can be completely separated  from us producing effects that are still beyond our comprehension. Observing means Interacting.

How do  we recognize exactness or sameness in what we experience, recognize our memories and thoughts, belive that we can deal with identical units in math, or manufacture identical copies of goods..  while  nothing can be really repeated,  remain the same, even for an instant?

I invite you to enter the new field that opens for us posibilities for studying human perceptions.   We  soon will  be able to discover how Crudness of our perceptions appears to be a blessing in a process of producing our conscious theater of mind,  thoughts and memories. In my modest opinion – speaking about our constant hunger for entertainment – this is the field that can easily replace all entertainments we know so far, put together.

Our tasks are about finding fundamental  explainations on  how in these crucial nature’s conditions, with which we interact beyond our comprehension and visible suprficial apperances of “consciousness”  while Crudness of our Limited  perceptions is unavoidable, even when we use technology to augment our sight, some miraculous abilities of our mind allow us, even empower us,  to instinctively explore the untouchable, invisible to us world ?

The  Nature’s  Mechanism of Perceptions  of mind is about revealing What our perceptions are  and Why we possess them.

We may soon clearly see why nothing can be truly solid, “material”, have actual weight, shape, speed, colors, taste, texture and movements, why  universes may  have space and time only in our imaginative minds. Why our minds, whether poor and boring, or vivid and creative must create  stages of realities?

The main goal of writing this introduction is to reveal the most fascinating mechanism we may ever know that is inside our very minds.  The website publishes my special introduction to the main subjects of knowledge and experience with a crucially different approach. This uncommon study is not only about revealing how illusive our human experience and  mentality are, but suggests uncommon new METHODS for learning.

Is the speed of Light is a speed of our Human perception of Sight, the condition of our mind reacting toward objective to us changes? Why is that a virus would not be effected by gravity and other Newtonian laws, and would ignore the heavy weight, texture and color of your desk?   How many fantastic realities that are right “here”  we may never reach and experience? Do we have to build space ships for traveling  into the unknown to us worlds?

Why do not we try to think beyond our old recycling methods of knowing? Why do we keep proofing discoveries in sciences based upon appearances (on photos or vedio) perceived through our corporeal sight, that is proven to be the most illusive, deceiving and tricky of all sense perceptions we may ever possess? How shall we introduce our very young students to the wonder-world  of math with identical units that we can manipulate in groups, under man-made  rules and laws that are against the laws of nature?

In following pages we will find out that the production of light through our corporeal (bodily) perception of sight is not some universal condition, but our internal unique condition of mind. Volcanos of findings on nature and matters of the “universe” are inevitable, replacing our recycling outdated fantasies about nature of a world and ourselves.

Unique Human character has been creating and staging its environments based upon what we call “consciousness”, a fantastic, but poorly superficial theater of human “consciousness”. Human society struggles to play made-up scenarios against the most vital laws of nature paying high price for confident ignorance.



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